To achieve our goals, we have programs where we work with industries that can affect our health.

Program collaboration:

Chemicals – Work with the healthcare industry to eliminate harmful chemicals or replace them with safer alternatives; minimize the exposure of patients, health workers, and communities to chemicals; promote the design, employment and safe disposal of safer chemicals and materials.

Food – Collaborate with health facilities to promote, purchase and deliver sustainably grown healthy food to support the development of sustainable food supply systems that improve environmental health and address the issue of social and economic determinants of noncommunicable diseases.

Pharmaceuticals – Support the safe production, management, and disposal of pharmaceuticals to reduce their impact on health and the environment throughout the life cycle and promote innovation in sustainable products.

Water – Develop conservation, recycling and treatment actions to reduce water consumption in hospitals and wastewater pollution; promote public health by promoting policies and actions for health care that guarantee the access of communities to a potable water supply.